? Miniatures of Macugnaga

Miniatures of Macugnaga

Miniature reproductions of the old houses Walser of Macugnaga

Macugnaga, the ancient colony of Z'Makanà Walser, Walser is among the countries that the village, perhaps still best preserves its ancient architectural structures and housing. They are in fact still present several barns (stadal), farms, bread ovens, mills and most splendid houses, which have a high degree of conservation among the best of all the settlements are still inhabited Walser.

The ancient technique of nesting of the beams, together with stone roofs, or shingles, brick walls, while nell'esiguità of available materials, has led to the development of Walser resisted the relentless passage of time and climate change. The ancient Walser buildings that can be admired today in the territory of Macugnaga, from the beginning of 1600 to 1500 for the houses and barns, they have faced for centuries in perfect harmony with nature, resisting even to large natural disasters that the territory has immediately.

After years of research and studies, webegun to to rebuild a scale of 1:25 and with traditional materials and authentic reproduction of these works,which were built by our ancestors with great talent and skill technique, but also with great sacrifice.

Each existing building is initially measured, photographed, carefully researched, cataloged, and then translated faithfully in scale in every detail. Currently we are able to play all types of existing buildings in Macugnaga Walser and other countries (in Italy and Switzerland), whether they are buildings from the past, ignoring the various changes introduced by technology, or are newer buildings that are inspired to 'Walser architecture.

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For any info you can ask to:
Negozio Marone - Pecetto di Macugnaga (VB)
Tel. +39 0324 65460

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