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Trekking and summer sports in Macugnaga

Find all the sports and activities that you can play in Macugnaga

  • climbing and mountaneering climbing and mountaneering

    The East Wall of Mount Rosa is for expert climbers. But, during summer, there are several mountaneering courses organised by the C.A.I. Macugnaga, by the 4000 Club and by the Alpine Guides of Macugnaga. The courses are graduated according to the experience of the participants: introductory courses, mountaneering courses and mountaneering improvement courses.

    Go to the website of the alpine school of macugnaga: Alpine guides of Macugnaga
  • Excursions and trekking Excursions and trekking

    Summer invites you to live in nature, in the clean air among alpine flowers, marmots and mountain-goats, making excursions or climbing the numerous paths of Mount Rosa, with the highly qualified guides of Macugnaga.

    Go to the website of the city of Macugnaga for a complete list of all the trails that leave from Macugnaga: City of Macugnaga
  • Paragliding Paragliding

    From Mount Moro, at 2900 meters of altitude, you can have one of the most beautiful flights among those offered in the Alps. Starting on February, in a wonderful scenario, just behind the majestic Mount Rosa east wall, longer flights (in time and distance) can take place. You can live the experience of two-seater flights with qualified pilots all year around.
  • Other sports Other sports

    The are many opportunities for sporting people. In completely renovated centres you can practice: tennis, paragliding, horse-riding, volleyball, archery, bowls and trekking.
  • Walks between history and culture Walks between history and culture

    Anzasca valley is rich in examples of ancient tradition. Not only can you admire old churches and the tipically elegant wooden building of the Walser, but also visit the only gold mines open to visitors in Europe, the Walser museum and the mountain museum. In Bannio Anzino and Calasca you can enjoy a napoleonic military parade. Summer means amusement: tourist operators organise cabarets and traditional activities in local costume, evenings of music, fashion, seminars, debates and meetings at the new center Kongresshaus.

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