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Ski snowboard and winter sports in Macugnaga

Find all the sports and activities that you can play in Macugnaga

  • Downhill Skiing Downhill Skiing

    Skiing in Macugnaga is possible for everyone. beginners and experts will find tracks suitable for them. You can ski in Macugnaga on blue and black tracks at different levels by taking the ski lifts, chairlifts cable cars.

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  • Cross-country skiing Cross-country skiing

    There are two cross-country runs that run amid the old houses of Pecetto and Isella, and lead into the woods that surround the village, down to a small valley, known as Quarazza, which is parallel to the main Macugnaga valley. The are several difficulty levels in order to meet the demands of all the cross-country enthousiasts.
  • Snowboard Snowboard

    There are excellent chances to go snowboarding both on the runs and off-pistes down the Mount Moro slopes to the Alpe Bill, or in the larch woods in the Belvedere area, right under the Mount Rosa wall. There is a special reserved area on Mount Moro for free-stylers.
  • Skiing school Skiing school

    The ski instructors of the two skiing schools, which are a total of 80 professionals, can count on the most up-to-date teaching equipment, such as video, headphone-helmets and flexible ski-posts; in addition to the classical alpine and cross-country disciplines, snow board lessons at all levels are included, even in English, French and German.

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    Scuola sci MonteRosa
  • Icefalls, excursions and ski touring Icefalls, excursions and ski touring

    There are many ice waterfalls which can be climbed until the beginning of March. The Macugnaga guides organize special courses, as well as excursions, both on foot and skiing, selecting the most beautiful itineraries around Mount Rosa.
  • Ice skating Ice skating

    Many enjoyable apr├Ęs-ski afternoons or evenings can be spent at the Pecetto skating ring. National instructors are available, for the less expert skaters, in order to take the first steps in this fascinating sport.
  • Eliski Eliski

    Fantastic off-piste descents can be made from the various Mount Rosa peaks, which go down to some of the main skiing stations in nearby Switzerland.
  • Other activities Other activities

    High altitude dinners, motor-sled rides, snow games, organized evenings and torch-light processions on skis.

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